About the Berlin site

Bayer is one of the world’s leading innovative companies. Its research and development function has set itself the goal of developing innovative products that improve quality of life. About 119,000 employees currently work for Bayer worldwide.

Berlin is the global headquarter of Bayer's pharmaceutical division which is based on an area approx. 26 football (soccer) fields in size with around 60 buildings. Since 1864 pharmaceutical research and production have been running at the Muellerstrasse location in the heart of Berlin. About 4,500 employees work in Berlin – from drug development to supply chain management, from strategic marketing to the various administration functions. Important marketing functions like the Strategic Marketing “General Medicine” are based in Berlin.

Berlin is home of one of our two major research and development (R&D) sites for Bayer with about 2,000 employees working in this field (as of December 31st, 2014).

The research and development activities are focused on therapy areas with a high medical need, such as oncology, cardiovascular, hematological and gynecological diseases as well as ophthalmology. The R&D colleagues in Berlin mainly focus on oncology and gynecological diseases as well as on activities in the area of Common Mechanism Research.

About 1,600 people are working in product supply in Berlin. The Supply Center Berlin is the key global site for formulation and packaging of our diagnostic imaging portfolio, oral contraceptives as well as our multiple sclerosis drug.

Last but not least, marketing and sales as well as administration tasks are taken care of by about 800 employees in Berlin. And about 200 trainees are onsite for scientific, technical or commercial occupations.

If you have questions and for more information, please contact us at colaborator.berlin@bayer.com