About the CoLaborator

In proximity to Bayer research and the vicinity to Berlin’s science and startup community an eco-system for innovative ideas is established. With the CoLaborator Bayer wants to help entrepreneurs to realize their creative ideas in an environment that offers young companies ideal conditions to develop them to marketability. We want to promote an exchange of views and participate in this inspiring environment.

The CoLaborator will be set up in an independent building of 800 square meters at the Bayer research campus in Berlin. There will be about 420 square meters of space for laboratories. Attractively designed laboratory and office modules and shared infrastructure such as a conference room offer ideal conditions for nascent companies – at manageable investment costs.

A new home will be established for start-ups in life sciences whose ideas, developments and technology platforms are related to Bayer’s research interests.

More facts on the CoLaborator:

„To speak candidly, I think that our presence in the Bayer campus in the early stages of the CoLab was integral to the strong relationship between our companies.  During our time at the CoLab, Bayer and Calico scientists have been able to work and consequently understand each other in a way that only by being physically closer would allow.  It’s similar to the way face-to-face meetings are so much more invaluable when compared to e-mails and other forms of faceless electronic communication.  In doing so, this understanding allows us to continue to work together well even though we are now physically separated by 9000 km of land and sea.  The way that the CoLab is set up is ideal for fostering as many early business relationships as possible.  Companies doing business with Bayer are encouraged to lease space with the stipulation of a limited tenure.  During those 3 years, the relationship is cultivated.  When the lease ends and the company has to physically move, the healthy collaboration continues.  Vacancies make way for new collaborations to foster.  The concept is really well thought out and kudos to you and Stefan for planning and execution!“

Jacinto Villanueva, Ph.D // Chief Executive Officer // Calico Biolabs, Inc.

If you have questions and for more information, please contact us at colaborator.berlin@bayer.com