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About Calico

Calico GmbH offers innovative methods to develop recombinant monoclonal antibodies to engineer both bio-therapeutics as well as bio-marker products. Calico’s founding members have previously held key scientific functions in leading companies in the diagnostic immunohistochemistry such as Epitomics, Spring Bioscience, and Ventana, where they have contributed to the development of biomarkers.The employees of Calico offer scientific leadership in all aspects of cell biology, DNA cloning, protein engineering and diagnostic pathology. In 2013, Calico Biolabs, Inc. was founded in San Francisco and is now continuing as Calico GmbH its innovative development in the field of biomarkers at the Bayer CoLaborator in Berlin.

"We are excited about the move of Calico into the CoLaborator in Berlin, where we set up our first location in Europe," says Robert Pytela, CEO of Calico GmbH. "The proximity to the Bayer scientists and other leading researchers in Berlin offers an exciting environment in which we can further develop and apply our technologies."

About DexLeChem

Founded out of the Cluster of Excellence UniCat (Unifying Concepts in Catalysis) DexLeChem GmbH is changing the chemical-pharmaceutical industry with green high-tech services, creating a new state of the art with its innovations. The company is able to produce active chemical substances in water and other sustainable solvents. These novel, patented synthesis routes are more cost-effective than procedures in toxic organic solvents, since DexLeChem can keep the required and expensive noble-metal catalysts active and re-use them, even in water. The interdisciplinary team currently counts eight employees and specializes in chemical engineering, chiral catalysis and quantum physics. Innovator and co-founder is Sonja Jost, who is also the company's chief executive officer. Since April 2014 the company is located at the Bayer CoLaborator, Müllerstrasse 178, 13353 Berlin.
More information at www.dexlechem.com

"The CoLaborator is the ideal environment for DexLeChem to enable us to internationalize our young company and to continuously expand our range of development services in green chemistry," says Sonja Jost, CEO of DexLeChem GmbH. "Here we can grow and simultaneously interact with scientists from Bayer. In this way, we receive assistance in areas that are important for our young company."

About Eternygen

Eternygen is a Berlin based start up founded in June 2012 focusing on research and development of innovative drugs using a network of renowned scientists and contract research organizations. The main focus of Eternygen´s development and core competences of its founders are research and development of new drugs for dietary-related metabolic diseases with dramatically increasing prevalences in the last decades. Eternygen´s research addresses the sodium coupled citrate transporter NaCT which is a key regulator of lipid metabolism involved in the pathogenesis of fatty liver, diabetes and obesity.

About Feral GmbH

Feral is a Berlin based biotech startup, using science and technology to make natural contraception effective and convenient. Our vision is enable women to make informed decisions about their fertility, sexuality and general female health by provide simple and smart solutions. Our first product is a hand held device that uses biochemical and optical sensor for daily hormone monitoring and transmits data wirelessly to a connected app.


INVICOL GmbH, headquartered in Berlin-Wedding, is a young start-up founded in January 2016. We are active in the field of molecular diagnostics of peripheral blood and other body fluids. Circulating blood and body fluids transport therapy-relevant biomarkers and other metabolic products, which need to be identified and analysed. The data obtained are of great value in the field of personalized medicine. Currently INVICOL is focused on detecting free nucleic acids and subcellular compartments such as exosomes. These new approaches to nucleic acid-based diagnostics will become increasingly important in human medicine. The screening can be extended, for example, to include the identification of rare cells from body fluids. INVICOL also has expertise in the field of immuno-screening, i.e. the identification of clinically relevant antibodies and antigens.

About Liquid Genomics

Liquid Genomics, Inc. was founded in 2013 in Torrance, California, USA. Liquid Genomics’ CEO is Kathleen Danenberg. The company is focused on transitioning cancer diagnostics from tissue to non-invasive blood-based tests for cancer drug targets. Cancer is a dynamic disease that cannot be effectively treated using a static test. Real time monitoring of drug targets is essential to making informed treatment decisions and adjustments to a patient’s therapy while there is still time to treat. Liquid biopsies allow the physician to continually attack the ever-evolving tumor over the course of the disease with the most effective chemotherapies. Liquid Genomics provides this testing in a rapid, cost-effective manner during clinical trials and beyond. Since the end of 2015 Liquid Genomics GmbH is based at the Bayer CoLaborator in Berlin.

About NMI TT Pharmaservices

NMI TT Pharmaservices is a Contract Research Organization dedicated to provide integrated experts services to the pharmaceutical industry, as well as to biotechnical and medical technology companies. Our business is focused on high quality products and services and R&D support in the fields of preclinical drug discovery and profiling as well as in safety pharmacology. We are committed to quality, accuracy and efficiency. A distinct customer liaison and support by our project managers ensures a close interaction with our clients to accelerate our customer´s project development.

At our new site at the CoLaborator we will install a novel proprietary technology that will help to bring our expertise to partners in pharma and biotech. Multiplexed protein expression and analysis of cellular signal transduction pathways is performed on a highly reliable Western-Blot like assay system to support drug discovery and biomarker screening.

NMI TT, founded in 2002, is a spin-off of the Natural and Medical Sciences Institute (NMI) at the University of Tübingen. More information at www.nmi-tt.de/pharmaservices

“The CoLaborator offers a unique opportunity to strengthen our long-standing partnership with Bayer. We believe that the close exposure to an industrial environment will help promote our innovations within the pharmaceutical industry”, says Prof. Dr. Hugo Hämmerle, Managing Director, NMI TT. “We are looking forward to successful and fruitful collaborations."

About provitro

Provitro AG is an innovative molecular-pathological service provider for preclinical and clinical research in pharmacology and biotechnology. The company's principal business area is based on a well-stocked tissue bank and close scientific cooperation with Charité University Hospital Berlin. The basis of its second line of business is its proprietary know-how in cell biology; it comprises a broad spectrum of cell-culture products. Furthermore, in 2012, provitro has set up a laboratory for molecular-pathological services in tumor and pathogen diagnostics. The certified company concentrates on the interfaces between research and development, in order to find new approaches for future research projects.

"The CoLaborator premises and the close proximity of Charité hospital are an excellent situation for the provitro team," says Dr. Manrico Paulitschke, CEO of provitro AG. "We have been able to expand our know-how in the field of target validation over the past few years. We are looking forward to developing further solutions to questions in the bio-sciences and to the collaboration with Bayer."

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